BC Strata Regulations

On December 14, 2011 the provincial government brought into effect.....

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Protect asset value

For most people their home is the most expensive asset they will own.....

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Lower operating costs

RSK Strata Advisors’ depreciation reports are conflict free and based.....

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Why Our Depreciation Reports Are Much More Affordable

Our business is solely based on providing depreciation reports and capital reserve fund studies to Stratas in BC.

  • Unique methodology that produces more insightful reports in less time
  • Professional comprehensive reports of the highest quality that comply with the BC Strata Act
  • Three funding scenarios plus a reserve fund health index in order to effectively manage your strata fees
  • Conflict free and unbiased services
  • Lower priced services and reports

What We Do Differently To Save You Substantially More In Costly Repairs and Avoid Pricey Surprises

RSK Strata Advisors depreciation report gives you unique insights so that you can make informed and effective long term planning decisions for your strata.

  • Be financially ready to meet the capital funding need for your strata
  • Ability to negotiate better terms with suppliers
  • Avoid emergency costs and premiums
  • Renew your common assets strategically to lower operating cost
  • Justify and set appropriate strata fees

What Makes Our Depreciation Report More Objective Than Others

RSK has built a data collection methodology and software that conforms to the BC Strata Statutes for Depreciation reports.

  • Our business is solely based on providing depreciation reports. This makes our reports impartial and conflict free. We have no incentive to up-sell you on other engineering and construction work.
  • We incorporate the most current building science, cost data bases, and building standards into our Building Condition Evaluation Software. This ensures the quality and accuracy of your report.
  • Our depreciation report provides you with RSK's innovative Reserve Health Index (RHI). This metric gauges the relative health of your strata’s Capital Reserve Fund.

Our Professional Skills and Credentials

Our team is comprised of:

  • Registered Professional Engineers with Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia
  • Project Management Professional
  • LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP) designations
  • A business member in good standing of the Condominium Home Owners Association.
  • General Liability, Errors and Omissions' Insurance and WorkeSafeBC Coverage

Moreover, we are strata owners who care deeply about our properties. We understand that proper accurate information is needed by strata counsels in order to make informed decisions on the required level of funding to address both short term and long term funding deficiencies.

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Why Your Strata Needs a Depreciation Report

Why do you need a depreciation report?

  • Asset Protection – A well managed strata with a sufficient contingency fund will have higher values because you have adequate capital to maintain the common property. Moreover, it will reduce your stress of having to introduce unforeseen special assessments or levies to your strata members.
  • Lower operating costs – When you replace building components such as carpeting or air handlers at the right time you reduce your maintenance cost because you don’t pay the high cost of emergency repairs. You can also time your expenditures to take advantage of a bidding process that a planned procurement process affords.
  • BC Strata regulations – The regulation mandates that your strata has a thirty-year depreciation report, and that it is updated every three years. The report is the key mechanism for long range capital planning for your strata board.
Hollyburn Mews, EPS 1364, West Vancouver.
The team members were knowledgeable, professional and friendly and completed our depreciation report in a cost effective manner, using current building industry standards. ... We would recommend them to any strata council looking at undertaking the development of a depreciation report.
L. Rogers, Strata President West Vancouver
The RSK Strata Advisors team met with our Strata Council to assist us in undertaking our Depreciation Report. The team members were knowledgeable, professional and friendly and completed our depreciation report in a cost effective manner, using current building industry standards.


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